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“Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the greatest person I have ever known.”

I was listening to Carlos Vives’ “Como Tu”, which I find to be the happiest, most positive, most romantic song I’ve ever heard. When he sings it it’s as if this man is possessed by such a wild joy about this woman that he tells her that he wishes everything in his life could be like her, then he’d have no more problems. A simple sentiment, but put in a way that is so beautiful that when i hear the song I can’t help feeling like I’m eavesdropping on two lovers.

I lamented to my friend CW that Latino men are so much more romantic than American men. I mean really, I told him, when was the last time you compared a woman to the most beautiful star in the sky? Or said that you wish your songs could even compare to you? And that you hope if you ever have children together, that they’d turn out like you?

He immediately bested me with video evidence of the single most romantic and dignifying speech I’ve ever heard. Andre Aggassi gave this speech to introduce his wife at her hall of fame induction ceremony. The last line says it all: “Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the greatest person I have ever known.”


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