Tae Kwon Do

This is the third post, and I think it’s about time to introduce you to my newest, and possibly greatest, love- Tae Kwon Do.

Why’d I start? My instructor Mr. C asked me the same question when I was signing up. At the time, I didn’t even really know what tae kwon do was. I didn’t know that my instructors would be inducted into the hall of fame or that we are the only ITF certified school in Maryland. I didn’t know what a dan was nor that Mr. C had five of them, going on six. I didn’t know that it was a Korean art meaning “the way of the foot and fist”, nor that it involves so very much practice. I didn’t know the belt system nor how to act in class. I remember the first time I was there wishing I could sink into the floor so nobody would look at me. So why do I want to do TKD? asked Mr. C. I shrugged and said, “Because it looks cool.”

He laughed, but I got the sense that wasn’t the first time he’d heard that answer. Shortly after joining, I was able to attend a black belt testing. Apart from feeling a mixture of despair and fear, I was filled with awe as I saw these young teenagers break boards like they were made of butter, and kick the living bjezus out of their opponent. And every time in class when I see Mr. C demonstrate a kick for us, with his foot straight up into the air, as if he owned the space above his head, I still feel the urge to tug on the dobok of the person next to me and whisper, “Did you see that?!”

It became even more amazing as I found I could do some of these things. I would come home and show my roommate whatever I had learned that night. She watched patiently, but didn’t understand how amazing it was that I could hold my leg straight in front of me for a minute or more. In my tiny townhouse, I can’t show her much more than that, but I’m hoping she gets the point.

My only frustration is that I started so late. Most of the black belts are younger than me and have been studying it for years; I’m 22 and just starting. I’ve got alot of catching up to do.


One Response

  1. This reminds me a lot of myself!
    I started when I was 15. And I’m still 15! haha!

    Anyway, once you get the hang of things, you will go and achieve the goal of most: be a black belt.

    I recently got chosen to go to an International championship competition. Go to my blog if you wanna check it out: http://imgerard.wordpress.com


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