I bet you thought this blog was about…

A feminist/feminine/martial arts/current events/beauty blog? I bet you’re groaning, thinking that you were going to be reading about some or all of the following:

My liberation manifesto from this male-dominated society.
My crushes.
Endless pictures of vegan food.
Endless stories of how I kicked butt in tae kwon do class.
How much I love Kant.
How my makeup got messed up at my yellow tip testing.
How I use Time magazine as porn when they have the full-page spreads of Obama.
Pictures of my butch haircut.
The steel drum I have in my backyard that I bring out only for our annual bra-burning orgies.

Ok, stop panicking. Read on.

My blog’s purpose is to give a shout into the dark about how it is to live in an ugly, postmodern world. I struggle to find what it means to be feminine when all I see is feminist. By my nature, I am attracted to the things in life that are usually considered manly: kung fu movies, martial arts, woodworking. Can I be a woman while being badass? This is the question I pose, and it’s really your feedback that will influence me the most. Happy reading!


3 Responses

  1. I certainly believe that you can be a woman while being badass, and I will enjoy reading about the results.

  2. I quote, “ugly, postmodern world.” That is correct..

    You CAN be a woman while being a badass.

    Its like me being a smartass, but I’m not a woman. hehe

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