A Father’s Love

The Pope’s visit also got me thinking about a father’s love.

Understanding a father’s love is crucial to understanding femininity. Just like a good man needs a good woman to stand behind her, a good woman needs a good father to show her how to let herself be loved. It is like making a sword- steel needs to be put through the warmth of fire and formed in order to become a weapon, sharp and quick and with brilliant shine. A woman is by nature already made of steel; but unless she is heated with the fire of a father’s love, she remains a cold lump of metal- hard and tough, but blunt and ineffective.

There are many women who don’t have this. They are good at masking their pain, but it manifests itself in many many ways. There are some that venomously reject any man’s love. There are those that always put others first, showering them in outward displays of generosity, hoping that by this outpouring they can make up for the lack that they felt while young. Or they become mousey, accustomed to abuse from men. There are innumerable more that really do the best they can with what they were given but all their lives suffer from extremely low self-esteem. They seem strong on the outside, but inside they are still the little, lonely girl.

But a girl showered from birth with a father’s extraordinary love transforms into something truly magnificent. Her inner strength, when wielded correctly, is more powerful than any martial art. Her beauty, more effective than the strongest drug. Her love becomes a salve for many deep wounds. She becomes supernatural in her effectiveness against the ugliness and hatred that people have.

Can you imagine for a moment, an army of these women? Every one of them, stunningly beautiful and poised for battle? What army would even want to fight after beholding such a sight? How about a whole country of these women? Who could even compare?

Fathers, I implore you, love your daughters. You, whose desire is to be a hero and fight against evil and injustice, often fail to see that you already have in your hand a marvelous weapon- your daughters.


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