Papa don’t go!

I was watching the commentary on Pope Benedict’s departure this evening. Apart from the surrealness of the open display of catholicity on regular tv channels, I was also overcome with a desire to have him stay. I felt this, too, at the end of the Mass in DC. I had wanted to shout, “Pope don’t go! We need you here!”

Pope John Paul II was very good at energizing Catholics to fight the good fight. The atmosphere in the church was one of righteous battle against forces of evil. I even have an exerpt from Time magazine where they compared him to Superman and Batman (they all wear capes, have tragic pasts, and supernatural powers). He was like the big brother you always looked up to.

However, like a rude awakening, I grew up and discovered that life really is painful and scary, and that the country is hurting from the constant division and cynicism that wracks its members.

The words of Pope Benedict XVI, on the other hand, have been a balm to my soul. His incredible ability to listen gives me confidence in him, and his words of hope remind me of a father’s embrace, where he is stroking my ill forehead and saying “Shhh, everything will be alright.” For this reason, I didn’t want him to go, because finally here was someone who really understood what I, and my country, is going through.


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