An epic night

Before going to Medieval Times, we went to see “The Forbidden Kingdom” (aren’t I spoiled?), the kung fu movie with Jackie Chan and Jet Li (the hoity-toity reviewers faulted the movie on many accounts, but it was very enjoyable nonetheless). It was the epic story of a young boy who finds himself transported to another kingdom where he has to return a staff that he found in order to save the Monkey King. Although the movie is a bit disney-esque (though made by Lionsgate), I totally identify with this kid. It follows his training from wimpy to warrior under Jackie and Jet’s guidance. He is totally the underdog, and what’s better, it shows a wet-noodle white kid actually mastering kung fu, and thereby becoming a respected teammate worthy of fighting with (and getting the girl). It helps that I’m a young white kid trying to master an asian art too. Me and Michael Angarano could take on the world together.

As if saving that kingdom wasn’t enough, at Medieval Times the prince was kidnapped, the knights jousted, and the evil green knight was vanquished by the returning triumphant prince. Between the two events, I left the mall feeling that good surely will win this war called Life.


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