A Good Wife

Many of you may have seen this image. My high school English class had to analyze it for a project. It’s spread wide over the internet. It reflects the values of the 1950s. What do you think about it?

If you can’t see the image below, here is the link.

The Good Wife

Now, good ol’ Wikipedia says that this article is false, but I’m not totally convinced. Regardless, many people’s immediate reaction is one of disgust and vehement condemnation. But it just so happens that I’m not so sure we should condemn it outright.

I will grant you off the bat that only about the first 10 or so are morally acceptable; some of the latter ones border on the immoral and distrustful (out all night? where’s he going, anyway?).
However, many of these suggestions are totally wonderful and beautiful, if done as a result of love. I mean, “Be happy to see him”…shouldn’t you? Clean up before he comes home, make him comfortable, clean the brats up, have dinner ready…what is so wrong with this? My best friend CBM has a grandfather who every single day, whether he came from work or just sat around the house all day, showered and dressed up for dinner. I love that idea; it makes dinnertime special, and makes everyone else feel special too. I can imagine myself cleaning up the house, the kids, and myself just before my husband gets home. I don’t like being dirty, or having my house be dirty; why should I subject my husband to it if I can take half an hour to tidy up? It gives me so much joy to think of serving my husband in this way.

I propose a modern adaptation of this idea. What should a totally in love wife do for her husband? What should she do even when she doesn’t feel quite so in love? What selfless duties come with the job of wifehood, that are admirable virtues if practiced with patience?


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