Fat and Gassy

How can we save a billion gallons of gas yearly? Stop being so fat.

According to EcoGeek.org (this post), the average American is 24 pounds more unhealthy than we were in the 1970s (and that’s on AVERAGE!). Like the proverbial spare tire, more energy is needed to move this blob around. More energy=more gasoline. Sounds like a simple equation. Just by losing that average 24 pounds (geez if I lost 24 pounds I’d be 5’6″ and 100 pounds- ew I’d be a skeleton!) we can save a BILLION GALLONS of gas! And then maybe my gas would be less expensive.

Although certainly an unfair and morally questionable tactic, a fat tax sounds more and more appealing the more I read stories like this.

This was a great article, not only because of the fat angle, but also because I read hundreds of environmental sites a month, many of which offer gas-saving tips, but this is one of the more creative one’s I’ve seen. Check them out.


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