Adrenaline rush lacking?

It’s all the more amazing those women who excel at martial arts because I feel as if we are missing that natural adrenaline drive that men have. The only fighting I’m naturally built for is psychological fighting, goodness knows I’ve fought myself enough times. I was listening to Eminem today…thinking to myself that this song [you gotta lose yourself in the music the moment you better never let it go you got one chance do not miss your chance let’s go!] gets men soo fired up…I feel it too, but not in a passionate, blinding way. I listen to that song, and most other hip hop/rap in a kind of fearful way. Maybe that is just me associating the feeling of adrenaline with fear, a natural enough association. But listening to music doesn’t help me to work out, other than to keep my mind busy. But it gives me only a little energy.

So the women who excel at training amaze me. I need to work on that.


2 Responses

  1. Interesting post. Hmm, see I think I’m abnormal in that I feel like I have a serious adrenaline “drive” or whatever you want to call it. Probably not on the same level as most guys, although sometimes I think I have it more than some guys. I think also it’s because my testosterone levels are slighter higher than average. I can get really pumped listening to music, etc, to the point I absolutely can’t sit still. I get a serious urge to hit things sometimes (not that I ever have), and I feel a very physical kind of aggression boiling right below the surface. It’s a little weird, but I figure harmless in that it’s never gotten me into trouble or anything.

  2. Don’t you listen to Jack Johnson and artists like him? Hardly something I would shake my tailfeather at. Unless there’s a hip hop side to you I don’t know about.

    I can’t say I’ve ever had the urge to hit anything. I used to hear about those guys in high school who would get so mad they’d punch brick walls and things like that. I never understood that urge. As long as you don’t show up to work with bandaged hands, I’d say you keep it in check pretty well.

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