Why I’m not a biker chick.

I wanted to be hardcore about transportation just as I’m hardcore about most everything in my life, but biking just didn’t make the cut.

I love the fresh air, the slower pace, speeding by all the cars stopped at the stoplight. I love the exercise high it gives me…better than coffee in the morning.

I live only two miles from work, so it is only a twenty minute ride. I came up with the bright idea (I swear, its an original idea- I didn’t get it from all those enviro-blogs that I surf all day!) to bike to work to save money on gas. How great is that, I thought, that I will be spending not a penny on gas to get me to work! That should save me at least 40 dollars per month. But after biking for a couple of days, I realized that there was one flaw in my calculations- food.

I was STARVING when I got to work, and remained starving the rest of the day. My body was not at all used to the extra 40 minutes of exercise daily and so I had inadvertently sent my metabolism into a crazy upward spiral. I ate about two dollars of extra food the days that I biked. Two dollars! That can buy a half gallon of gas, which I definitely don’t use to drive the two miles to work (see below for the calculations).

Calm down hippies, calm down. I never said I was going to let this stop me from saving the planet or anything. I will continue to bike because I love it and I feel eminently superior to the planet-fouling cars I fly past on my way home. Plus, I think I remember reading somewhere that once your body accustoms itself to an exercise, metabolism plateaus. So I will continue biking and hope that this happens soon. Otherwise, I’m losing money while saving the planet.


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  1. I’ve heard that it comes out to about the same energy usage, biking vs. walking vs. driving, for the reason you cite. Remember that fossil fuels are needed to make and process food!

    More greenhouse gasses are expended on animal agriculture than on driving; if we all became vegetarians, that would be a bigger impact on the environment, than if we all stopped driving.

    That you live 2 miles from your job is really good, too. A lot of people live a lot farther from their workplaces than they need to, and this is a huge fossil fuel expenditure.

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