Teach me, please!

Ah, all sorts of frustration with Taekwondo. Mr. C has been super busy these days getting ready for the Filipino festival in Towson on Sunday, so he has taught maybe half of my classes over the last two weeks. There’s a black tip that has been teaching us in his absence. This red belt is generally a good guy and very knowledgable, with one crucial drawback to his teaching style: he doesn’t teach. He delights in having the class do all of the advanced kicks- flying kicks, midair kicks- and assumes that we know how to do them. And when we insist we don’t know how to do them, he shows us once, saying, “it’s easy, it’s like this”. And we manage to do kicks that resemble what he does, but I have no idea if I’m doing them right at all. And there is no greater frustration for me than learning something wrong. Fortunately I only have one more class before the festival this Sunday.

Speaking of which, I will be taking part in the festival’s demonstration. I’m part of the kickboxing routine. I was pretty petrified at first that I wouldn’t be able to learn it- I’m not really good at showbiz, and I’m still pretty convinced that I’ll forget at least one or two moves. But I quickly developed a relaxed attitude when I took into consideration that I was drafted to do this (like most things Mr. C. gets me to do, it wasn’t willing) and I eventually began to have fun in practices. We’re doing the routine to the song “Shawty get low”. I’ve got the moves down, and it’s really fun to strut my stuff. Such that my stuff is. But anyway. Come out and see me if you’re in Towson this Sunday!


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