I don’t hug trees, but I do eat seaweed

Ok ok I admit it! I’m one of those hippies. How did I come to realize this about myself??

Back in the day, I never considered myself an environmentalist. I played outside alot as a child, and watched (and sometimes helped) my dad with his 1/2 acre large veggie garden. From these few memories came deep and lasting impressions about what the earth needs to sustain itself.

But there was one thing in my way from bieng an environmentalist- my love of comfort. Mac and cheese, pork, and green beans was my favorite meal. That is, until I studied abroad in Mexico, where I learned to eat dairy products that I couldn’t pronounce, fruits that looked like aliens, and combinations of foods I had never heard of before. This jerked me out of my comfort zone in a big way, and I’ve never been comfortable with society’s expectations since.

The final nail in the coffin came when I started working at an environmentally-focused biotechnology company. There, I met people that biked to work, never touched plastic bags, and shopped at thrift stores for clothing. This was all I needed; I came into my own as a full-fledged biking-to-work-eating-organic-granola-wearing-sandals-with-skirts hippie. It was such a relief to be out of the closet. I quickly surpassed even my coworkers’ environmental efforts and I now maintain that I will save the Chesapeake Bay, singlehandedly if necessary.

But the most graphic example of when I really, truly, knew that I was a hippie was when I saw this organic hemp cozy from Hemp Sisters and really, genuinely wanted to buy it. And I don’t even drink soda or canned beer.

But, to all the other hippies out there, open or still in hiding, I crack open a cold one to toast the crazies who love the earth.


2 Responses

  1. I do try to live environmentally-friendly (that comes from my boy scout days), but seaweed I will not touch. It is a disgusting substance that was never intended to be eaten by mankind.

  2. Don’t worry, Vatican II made it okay for people to eat seaweed.

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