I wish I could help, but I might die

My pastor gave a sermon today about the high gas prices and food prices. He pointed out that the concept of “second helping” of food is an American concept. As I looked around the church, I noticed all the overwieght people. The good news is that at my church, there seem to be fewer overwieght people than in the general population. I think this is something to be proud of. Still, there were a share of saggy women and pudgy men. The pastor spoke about needing to change our view of how we use the limited resources of this planet. Although not explicitly said, one could come to the conclusion that in order to be good stewards of the earth, we should eat less.

I want to help the poorest affected by the high prices and the environment by eating less. But my mother is already expressing her concern over my skeletal wrists and less-than-curvy shape. If I eat any less, I will die. So those of you who do have an extra doughnut or two around thier middle, you really are going to need to pick up the slack on this issue.


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  1. Also, in addition to the responsibility (and gift!) that God bestowed on us to be good stewards of the creation, overeating can cloud people’s perception of God, making them greedy and sloth.

    As to the saggy people IN the church; I can’t help but feel that addiction to food would be less of a problem to Catholics if their heirarchs brought back some of the older fasting rules.

  2. i.e. – fish anyone?

  3. I have come to the opinion that there is some percentage (albeit small) of people who cannot help being pudgy. It seems that some people, myself included, could never be fat because so many foods actually disagree with me. In other words it hurts too much to overeat. Other people do not seem to have this problem, so they can eat as much as they want and not feel too bad in their tummy. I am not saying they are excused… just that people like me cannot feel too smug when comparing myself to others… since God gave me the gift of feeling really crummy if I eat too much.

  4. A blessing in disguise, I suppose. Still, pudgy people need to chip in to help the earth and the poor. Because you and I are not using more than our share of resources (at least food-wise…my biggest ecological sin is taking long showers!).

  5. Eh, it’s not so much that people here are eating more and so people in other countries can’t eat as much; it’s that people here are eating plenty of food that isn’t good for them and then our governmental policies, 3rd world corruption, human sin, structural injustice and a whole host of other problems keep other people from being able to eat as much. Eating less won’t necessarily solve the problem– there’s plenty of food to go around, but it’s just not distributed like it should be. So except for the people whose food budget cuts into their ability to give to the poor, (and those who go out to restaurants a lot would probably fall into this category), it’s not the fat people to blame.

  6. Matthew, you’re right in that there’s a large amount of problems with the food distribution. I don’t mean to say that overeating is the only problem. But per person, the US consumes more resources than even other first-world countries. I’m not advocating going back to everyone eating beans and rice; merely following serving sizes would help and make food go farther. Did you know that a plain old sandwhich with two pieces of bread is a THIRD of your daily allotment of carbs? That’s before you throw in the chips, and dessert, and that’s only at one meal. Eat a whole steak at one sitting? Try a whole day’s serving of meat. We think we need abundance and are not satisfied with sufficiency. Less food eaten in America wouldn’t immediately and directly affect the poor, but over time it would make prices go down as demand goes down.

    Additionally, there has been talk of a real, actual modern-day world food shortage. Damn brazilians growing ethanol rather than food crops.

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