The most chaste movie ever

Or at least the most chaste movie watching ever.

I went with three guy friends (what can I say? I’m that girl) to see Ironman late last night (shh don’t tell my boss that that’s why I came in late today). Their ages ranged from 26, 21, and 19. Lo and behold, the innocent superhero movie has a sex scene. A fairly tame one, to be sure, but there’s alot of leg shown. My reaction to sex scenes in theatres has always been look right at the bottom of the screen, but not really away from it, so that I’m not actually watching it but if someone was to look over at me they’d believe I was watching like umm…I dunno, how the light plays over the sheets or something. Wow now that I put that in words I realized how lame that is…and how easily it is to see through my supposed compromise between chastity and peer pressure.

But M and A, the 21 and 19 year olds, IN UNISON slapped their hands in front of their eyes. Not even taking a second thought or a second look. At first, I felt a twinge of embarrassment, thinking how childish it looked. But then, I thought about it and I realized, “Hey, isn’t this what we’re SUPPOSED to do???” Isn’t watching someone else’s sexual intercourse, even if it’s just fake, a violation of human dignity? Don’t I profess to share these same values, that watching sex scenes is wrong? Why then am I embarrassed to make it clear to whomever cares to notice that I do not want to put these images in my head?

Once again, M’s innocence has taught me a lesson.


4 Responses

  1. haha, I’d like to write more but I don’t have the internet at my house in Baltimore anymore and I don’t have it very often at work, either. And I’m too addicted to The Wire to do anything else useful.

  2. Props to those guys!

  3. Thumbs up on the link swap; I’m adding you right now.

  4. Wow! Very cool!!! Its motivational to read this story!!! I think you’ve just added something to my lifestyle!!! Thanx!!

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