In Support of the Pregnancy Pact

This is truly amazing. I’m really left speechless after reading this article, but since I own a blog, I will try to form an opinion on this utterly shocking phenomenon. Bucking all that they’ve been taught, that pregnancy is a disease and not using contraception is equivalent to a secular mortal sin, seventeen girls from a Massachusetts high school have formed a ‘Pregnancy Pact’, where the girls would try to get pregnant intentionally and raise the children together.

So, disclaimer #1: This is my first reaction. Subsequent posts will examine this subject more deeply.

Disclaimer #2: I’m not a fan of using babies as a means of rebellion or a way to miraculously ‘get love’.
However, I may be the only person in this country that feels that this may be a more positive than negative experience.

I have long thought that adolescence is an artificial creation of society today. My guess would be that as the US became wealthier in the 50’s and 60’s, more parents wanted to always ‘provide’ for their children, meaning the children didn’t have to work to help support the family. This is why teens began to rebel, because they no longer felt like they had an important place in the family. At the same time, life expectancy rose and education became more widespread, two factors that led to putting off marriage, and within marriage, putting off having children.

Biologically, women can have children at a very young age. I could have had a child at ten years old. Teenage girls also develop the ‘motherly instinct’. Do I need to prove this to you? Have you SEEN the Hello Kitty phenomenon? Teenage girls love anything and everything cute and cuddly, and love to nurture things (The best gift you can ever give a teenage girl is a puppy). That’s also why they get messed up with messed up guys, because many girls want to nurture these guys back to good mental health and wind up getting hurt in the process.

The article describes the girls who didn’t get pregnant as being “disappointed”. I’ve never been pregnant, and maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. But the idea has always fascinated me…the idea of having a living bieng inside of oneself. Slightly freaky, slightly Alien-esque, but super cool. So I totally understand the feeling of being disappointed. Each time a woman menstruates, there goes another chance to participate in the greatest gift God has given to humanity and the coolest phenomenon that will ever happen to your body.

All this stuff about women in general being said, these particular girls are clearly desperate for love! Maybe these girls are tired of waiting for love. Can you blame them? But not just to have someone love them…reception of love is not filling in itself. One has to give love in order to be totally full. In that sense, these girls are possibly better equipped to be parents than the contracepting thirty-something couple who ‘just want to wait’…because in the latter case, I believe the hearts are closed. These girls obviously have thier hearts open, even if their hearts are bleeding. Maybe they realize that love is a take-action-get-your-hands-dirty-trial-and-error process, not an event that should be put off until they’re older. In any case, it is obvious that love is a motivation in this ‘Pregnancy Pact’.

I’ll leave it to other bloggers and comment writers to point out all of the dysfunction in the situation. Certainly there is more than a share of deep societal and psychological problems at work here. However, I feel like these girls are following what both their bodies, and their hearts, are telling them.

Pray for them. The comment line is open.


3 Responses

  1. So, if we were to have given them puppies…

  2. wait, what?… Thats crazy, 17 Massachusetts school girls? This is signed, sealed, delivered, future Lifetime made-for-TV movie. I mean, I’d expect this from some Urbana students but not on such a scale, haha.

  3. The most ridiculous “solution” to come from one official at the school was “to give them birth control”. Why not just throw gasoline on the conflagration????? When is society going to wake up and realize that the “old fashioned” teaching of sex being between a husband and a wife in Holy Matrimony is the only answer to all this nonsense.

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