Open auditions, or out of your league?

I was told by someone I know yesterday that I am out of his league. I need to discuss with you all this concept and see what you all think about it.

I know that there are different upbringings and inequalities in money and talent. This is an inescapable fact. But inequalities in love? Is there such a thing?

I’ve been told by a total of three guys that I am out of thier league. No, really, I have. Some are impressed that I am good at Tae Kwon Do, others that I am good at languages and speak Spanish fluently, others that I have traveled, others that I want to start my own business, others that I studied art and can cook. What I always tell these guys is that nothing matters unless it is used to better oneself and God’s world. What really matters is what I have done with these gifts God has given me. Have I saved an immigrant family by using my Spanish? Have I started my business yet? Have I helped anyone, anywhere, by my knowledge of Carravaggio? Don’t give me a Nobel prize for having potential. Rather, help me to further develop these talents so that maybe sometime they could be of use to someone.

Saying I’m out of your league says to me “My life isn’t nearly as interesting as yours, so I have nothing to offer you”. These guys keep thier lives to themselves because they want so badly to be a part of mine, thinking that someone who has traveled and is accomplished and can appreciate the finer things in life has no use for someone who has lived in Arbutus or Ft. Meade their whole life.

Do you see what a life you are condemning me to? This means, in your opinion, that I have to marry someone who has studied abroad, who knows several languages, who has money and can appreciate fine wine. Or maybe this guy must be a brilliant and talented entrepreneur. Whoever he is in your mind, you have already planned out my life for me.

Let me clue you in on a secret. It is REALLY not that hard to please me. Really. Believe me. Need a list? Ok how about this. There are some things that all women need: flowers occasionally, a nice dinner once in awhile, plenty of compliments. Things that I specifically need: someone to converse with about both rediculous and serious matters, someone who is strong in their faith, someone who challenges me to be a better person and doesn’t just take me as I am. That’s only six things total. Is there no man that feels that they fill those requirements?

It’s just like the proverbial prom queen who never gets asked to homecoming and is forced to sit around in her pjs that night as her dad tries his best to make her feel better. I guess the lesson I can take away from all this is that it’s lonely at the top. And I’m not even at the top yet, nowhere near it. God help me if He ever gives me more talents.

I just want you all to know that my auditions are open to the public, and not closed to anyone. Unless they’re ugly and smell. Then they can go brush their teeth, watch the Style channel, and come back.


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