Get dirrrrty!

So since I work for a biotechnology and read about germs all the time, and also because I seem to be suffering from an antibiotic-resistant form of acne vulgaris, I’ve been thinking about how to solve the problem of antibiotic resistance. As many of you know, this resistance is caused by both oversanitization and too many antibiotics being proscribed.

My solution? Get dirty!

Roll in the dirt! Don’t wash your hands before eating! Eat with your hands! Don’t shower! We need to become breeding grounds for regular bacteria, so that the regular bacteria outnumbers the antibiotic resistant bacteria. Let’s crowd the antibiotic resistant bacteria out of this planet! So starting now, I am no longer practicing hygene in the name of better health.

I’m so brilliant. This may be my second-best idea ever, second only to when I thought poking holes in the condoms at the front desk of my dorm would be a great way to promote abstinence.


One Response

  1. Thanks, Cathy! Just like growing organic crops alongside conventional crops helps the conventional crops, your filthy, unhygienic lifestyle helps all of us!

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