My Olympic Dream

I have absolutely no good excuses as to why there’s a two-week gap in my writing. (Ok maybe I do have a pretty good one, and it involves a guy…boy those guys can be so emotionally exhausting…but in a good way :)) However, I wish to extend my most sincere apologies and please be assured such a long gap will never happen again, barring death, honeymoon, or act of God.

Lots has been happening! But first, I want to tell you about my dream.

I dreamt I went to the Olympics, just as a spectator. I was watching the swimming competition, and just before one of the races, the announcer told the audience that although teams from the various countries were participating, anyone else who wanted to could race as well. I was like, sure, why not. So I swam one of the races, and didn’t even finish because I got fatigued very quickly. My brothers were there and told me that they were disappointed in me. Rather than being upset, I told them that they were right, and it was quite a disappointing race. But what I was really there to see was the Taekwondo competition that was happening the next day. I recall making the decision that as soon as I got my black belt in ITF Taekwondo I would find someone to teach me WTF so that I could participate in the next Olympics. I was quite happy and excited about this decision.

The dream got me thinking. What differentiates an Olympic athlete from a normal one? Like, can I just make the simple decision to go to the Olympics, and then practice my butt off until I get there? Am I extraordinary enough? Am I too old starting out? How does one make such a decision?

It wouldn’t hurt to start training as an olympian and see where that gets me. At the very least, I’ll be amazingly fit.


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