I’d want to glue myself to Shakira so I could get free dance lessons

If I was going to choose someone to be glued to, I don’t think I would have chosen Gordon Brown, Great Britian’s prime minister.

That wasn’t the case, however, for the climate change protester, Dan Glass, who decided he needed a little extra time to speak with the PM about the expansion of Heathrow Airport. He spread five tubes of superglue on his left hand, and as he went up to shake Mr. Brown’s hand, he grabbed his arm and stuck. He didn’t fully get to deliver his message to him, however, as the Prime Minister was able to break free after a couple of hard tugs. Dan later said that the experience of getting unstuck was rather painful. No damage was done to Gordon Brown, except maybe a sticky sleeve and ruined suit coat, and he laughed the whole situation off as a practical joke.

If you could choose to superglue yourself to someone, who would it be?


One Response

  1. In protest? Omar Bashir or Robert Mugabe. Because they’re awesome? Maybe Steve Jobs?

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