I miss my old body, but no going back now.

I was looking at myself in the mirror today, feeling slightly sentimental. I kind of miss my old body, before I completely transformed it through exercise.

My old body was soft. My new body is lumpy, because I gained alot of muscle underneath the fat. My old hands didn’t have callouses, and my old feet were pretty. My new feet get cut frequently, and are calloused and ashy and constantly dirty. My old body was comfortable. My new body aches all the time, because I push it so hard. My old body ran on next to nothing. I could feed it coffee and sugar. My new body craves fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. And water. I am so sick of drinking water constantly.

I do like the fact that I have hips now, or the at least the illusion of hips stemming from my strong and big hip flexor muscles. I like that my hands are skillful and my movements deliberate. I like that I am not one of those fat americans. I like that I am building a healthy future. I like that I am learning how to defend myself. I like that I am achieving things that I never thought possible.

I have reached a decisive point in my life. I dont think I will ever see my old body again. Because from now on, there is no going back.


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