Hurrah Kam Rada and footsie pajamas

On the subject of really awesome videos, check out The Milkman Song from Hurrah Kam Rada (below). I don’t know too much about this group, but they seem “alternative” “indie” “electronica” “acapella” and all of those fancy terms that describe generally really cool bands that have new ideas. They also have a TV show too, which is a little too out there for me. BUT they rock some blue footed pajamas in that video from Pajama City a company that sells camo, leopard print, and bright red (amongst others) adult footsie pajamas. I’m proud to say this fun-loving and slightly strange company is located in my home state of Maryland, not twenty minutes from me. A visit to their testimonial page and you can’t possibly frown. I may just buy one myself, because, as my friend M said “u could make a live action smurfs movie w/ those things”, and “!!! i bet we could have a million times more fun if we had footie pajamas”. No, we’re not going to have THAT kind of fun. Just some good, clean, indie electronica footsie type of fun.

Pajama party, anyone?


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  1. Footed Pajamas are becoming very popular these days, several companies are making them as you can see from the site below. I have to say that I have seen alot more attactive footed pajamas than the ones on that video. You can find them with all kinds of interesting prints from snowflake to camoflauge. Some are hooded and others have conveniently located ‘drop seats’. A pajama party sounds like fun 🙂

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