Insert slightly mortified smiley face here

A group of my friends were sitting around a table at dinner. Enter Cathy, stage left. Suddenly CBM exclaims: “Does anyone else think that girls who carry knives clipped to thier jeans are super hott?”
JH: Yea-wait, is she wearing it on her left side or her right side?
CBM: Left side.
JH: Hell yea! Those girls are super hot.
KLF: Why does that make a difference?
JH: That means they know how to use it.
CBM: It’s easier to get out if you’re being attacked.
JH: The cross grab is easier than having it on the side that your good hand is on.
KLF: Why did this come up?
CMB: looks intently at Cathy
Me: (a tad mortified but flattered) Wanna see it?
Knife gets passed around, then handed back to Cathy
JH and CBM: Dang, that’s hot.


2 Responses

  1. I didn’t know you wore a knife…I would like to know who those two people are.

  2. hey!! why no new posts??

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