Moderate injury #1

So I’ve finally succumed to moderate injury #1 from taekwondo. Moderate means that I have had to cancel one or more events and/or have to skip a class and/or am incapacitated for more than one day. In this case, I was practicing sparring with MC, a black belt, because I am going to an upcoming tournament in two weeks (this is big news and should get it’s own post, but I can’t keep secrets!) and he got me with two good, hard kicks right on my thigh. At first it was no problem; I shook it off and kept sparring. Afterward, I even jumped rope, did squats, and when i came home I walked around the yard a bit. Gradually, as the day wore on, it got harder and harder to walk, and by dinnertime, I was in excruciating pain. I don’t want to tell you how much pain medication I took. Ice and heat went on it, still getting worse. Fortunately the people I live with lent me a pair of crutches. That made life alot easier for me. But unfortunately I can’t really drive at the moment, so I had to stay home from CBM’s going away party.

But I’m proud of my first real tkd injury, and I hope it bruises amply. Nothing would please me more than showing up on Tuesday on crutches sporting a smart-looking bruise to show off. If it does, I will post pictures!


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  1. ouch! that sounded like it hurt a bit. i, too, am with TKD. good for you to take on a physical, but a fun sport. i found you through the taekwondo tag…

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