Why I’m not called to be a Sister

So I briefly discerned becoming a sister today. I have a friend who is a Fransican Friar of the Renewal (really awesome peeps up in New York check them out) I was reading all about it and all the pictures of their missions seemed so interesting to me such that I was filled with overwhelmingly pious feelings. On the same webpage I found out that there was a Sisters of the Renewal, and I sent a quick prayer up to God that He would show me what I should be when I grow up.  As I read through the Sisters’ website, ever so gradually, the pious feelings subsided and I was left with boredom-even though thier missions are practically the same! That’s when it struck me: I realized I was far more interested in what the men were doing than the women, simply because they were men. I think that’s a pretty good sign that I’m called to be married.


3 Responses

  1. Fascinating…

  2. Yeah, that’s how I feel as well…that is funny.

  3. I’ve never had an overwhelming desire to do what nuns do…guess that’s a good sign too.

    Hey, you seriously need to post more on your blog. I want more updates about your life!! (okay, so everyone knows…I’m not stalking her…I’m just her slightly out-of-touch brother)

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