Too old for eye candy?

I remember when I was in high school and early college, we’d go down to Annapolis for a field trip or whatnot and everywhere there were Midshipmen from the Naval Academy there. Dressed in thier sharp whites, they looked goooood. Could you please spare one? I’d love to take one home :).

After I graduated college when I returned to Annapolis, I realized with a start that these men that I drooled over with my fellow girlfriends (admit it…admiiit it!) were way too young for me now! This made me quite depressed for some time. Until, that is, I discovered that I was now a ripe age for the UPS guy. I have a very heavy package, could you please lift it? *swoon*

(insinuations only partially intended. I’m gonna get yelled at for this post lol. To my fellow bloggers: never let your mother read your blog!)


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