Beauty- the burning question.

My greatest intellectual desire in life is to understand beauty. Beauty affects everything in life, from how we view ourselves and others, to how we view and act upon nature, to how we construct our cities and products, to how we procreate. Tons of industries depend on this crucial attribute: interior design, architecture, product design, advertising, sales, health, spas, hotels, resorts, cruises, nature tours, paintings, art collecting, archeology, fashion, photography, and the list could go on and on. For such an important and far-reaching topic, you would think there would be more explanations of just what, exactly, beauty is.

It’s my intention to find out everything I can about beauty, and write something about it. Maybe a book. I also am interested in artistic theory, and will be writing an artistic manifesto in the style of the old movements.

So here’s where I leave it: Tell me, please, what is beauty?


6 Responses

  1. Yeah, well, ya know, if you want to see beauty, then just look at me!

  2. Har har.

  3. Beauty is how well the object or person reflects God. Just a thought.

  4. Beauty should include language and music. Offensive or trashy language brings down the soul to the level of animals and raucous music disturbs the peace in ones heart.

  5. Beauty is embracing all that you are (pros and cons, features and flaws) and walking with confidence. Gratitude is beautiful. So is possessing the humility to see through the ‘beautiful’ things in society, like Victoria’s Secret catalogs and rail-thin models. Once you accept this…there are endless possibilities with beauty.

  6. What is beauty?

    The sight of the sun is harsh on the eyes
    But the golden rays shine life into the world
    One single weed in the garden brings hate
    But look onto a field of yellow dandelions

    What is beauty?

    The lovers moon brings calm
    But the glow brings out our monsters
    The countryside is unbelievable
    Turn around to lose your breath to our dwellings

    What is beauty?

    Her eyes, skin, hair, smile
    Unbelievable beautiful, yes
    Love her beauty
    Or love her soul

    Which is beauty?

    ~Jason Chen

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